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Bombay Blue Extreme Herbal Incense 3g

Our Price: £17.99
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Bombay Blue herbal incense is one of the leading herbal incense on the market today. A exotic herbal incense of Eastern herbal extracts that release a rich fragrance when burned in an incense burner.

A very strong experience with relaxing qualities you will be surprised just how strong legal herbal incense can be with bombay blue. If this is your first time buying herbal incense bombay blue is a great starting point but be warned this incense is very strong so try a very small amount for the first time.

At skunk revolution we like to keep our prices low this the more bombay blue you buy the cheaper it gets no other reliable company can offer you the same prices as us on herbal incense.

We buy our products in bulk direct from the manufacturer which allows us to pass these savings on to the customer, you wont find this amazing everyday price on bombay blue anywhere else.



5 Stars
Ive been burning bombay blue for a while and just love this stuff. its not like any other incense the aroma is very clean and high. feels very natural and not a chemical aroma unlike all the other legal incense you can get. bombay blue is the best stuff ive tried its the best substitute hands down i even turn down stuff to buy bombay blue its so good. if your going to get legal incense i highly recomend bombay blue it wont disapoint
paul - dunfermline
5 Stars
i purchased amsterdam gold and recieved a free sample of bombay blue incense with my order. Not impressed with the amsterdam gold it done nothing but give me a sore throat but a few days later i thoght what the hell il burn a bowl of bombay blue. first 5 mins were strange felt very on edge but then i felt calm and relaxed and very giggly high. I work all week it was great being able to completely unwind with the bombay. It also has a herb smell noot harsh and tastes quite nice but it doesnt smell like marijuana so you wont get caght. Im happy with the bombay blue incense thats why im here wrighting this review im going to buy 4 packs.
reagan stfu88 - NSW Australia
5 Stars
Hell this stuff is good if you cant get any pot bombay blue is the best alternative. ive tried a few legal incense blends and bb is king
warren fry - pennsylvania
5 Stars
Best herbal incense ever .. Cant believe this stuff is legal its just like smoking grass!!
Buster - Bournemouth
5 Stars
dont waste your time with other herbal incense, this is the stuff that delivers. ive tried lots of brands most were very poor and when i burned this stuff it packed a potent aroma its a high for the first 15 mins then just a pure relaxing for hours later with no hangover. dont waste your time with other stuff just because its cheaper or your friend told you of a good incense it will end in tears as it has for me many times get this and get high dudes.
scott - Luton
5 Stars
Well troll you sir are a muppit! you burned a fecking gram no wonder you were feeling sick :O i burn bombay blue every day i used to be a heavy tweed wearer but im into my blue now but hell even i couldn't handle a gram !! as i say im a heavy burner of blue and the most i can take is about half a gram and im wasted for hours. A new user would only need a tiny pinch about a fifth of a gram to aromatise the room
Nicola - Ayr
5 Stars
This stuff rocks..The pack i received didnt have Extreme label on the front, but that doesnt matter it was Extreme inside the pack!! 1st bowl was pretty cool, second bowl was even better
Pete - West Midlands
5 Stars
I like this brand very much not overwhelming but a great way to chill for a while.
Qualified to review - USA